Net Profits Club Events

Upon registration, you’ll receive our event calendar. Our events range from bowling, ice skating, camping, sporting events, restaurants, plus more! Our club also hosts members-only vacations!

These events are organized with the purpose of connecting business owners to other business owners.

Bridge relationship building. Surround yourself with success.

Come to our events, participate, and maybe you’ll meet a new business partner or meet the person you’ve been needing for your next business collaboration.

Get The Most Out Of Our Events


  1. Bring Business Cards – The main benefit behind our events are the connections you can create from other entrepreneurs just like you. Our members join to build these relationships and the best way to follow up with a potential partner or prospect is for you each to have each other contact information.

  2. Arrive Solo – Bringing along company can often distract you from networking with other Club Members. Out attention turns from meeting new people to satisfying our guests.

  3. Mingle – Don’t be shy. Everyone joins NetProfits Club pursuing more opportunities through potential future partners, investors or the like. Remember; network to increase your net worth.

  4. Go To More Events – Maybe you didn’t find what you were looking for during the first event. Don’t give up! Members always to go various events and you might just find what you’re looking for in the next one.

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