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  1. Create a Directory Listing. This will list you in our Member Business Directory, allowing your business to be found by other members who may feel inclined to use your company because they know if you’re smart enough to join the club you’re most likely smart enough to run a decent business.

  2. Create a Proposal. Let other members know whether you’re looking for an Investor, Investee, Business Partner, Vendor, or another business idea.

  3. Sign up for Interviews 4 Influence. Most entrepreneurs consume themselves documentaries and real life stories. Sharing your story can lead to more members viewing your business and business proposals.

  4. RSVP For Upcoming Events. Get out of the office and step-away from the office for our exclusive club events. Meeting your proposal prospects in person helps you truly decide the best decision.

  5. Join Our Official Facebook Group. Studies show most people spend the majority of their time on social media. Joining our exclusive official Facebook Group can allow you to get more out of our club community.

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